Meet the HPC group

Radovan Bast

Leads the CodeRefinery project and the high-performance computing and research software engineering groups. Specializes in software development, teaching, and improving usability of HPC services.

Jørn Dietze

Jørn Dietze is almost finished with a Ph.D in bioinformatics. He is working with high-performance computing systems and has experience with programming in Python, Julia, and a little bit of C. He is mainly busy with making the systems more usuable as part of NRIS at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and the LUMI User Support Team.

Vetle Hofsøy-Woie

New member to the team, currently working on his masters in computer science. He is working on the GPU team, and has experience in coding in Python, C(plain,# and ++) and a little in golang. Vetle is specialising in machine learning, and are familiar with frameworks such as TensorFlow and Pytorch.

Dan Jonsson

Member of the Software Installation Team at NRIS. Trying to provide a scientific software stack that offer both performance and reproducibility.

Pavel Kucera

Sysadmin interested mainly in networking, automation, and virtualization in an open source environment. Trying to be open sourced personally in his free time as well - mainly on water and in mountains.

Espen Tangen

Øystein Tveito

Newest member of the team that will be working on monitoring solutions for HPC and maintaining the infrastructure. He has experience in programming, IoT, 3D printing, and machine learning.

Steinar Trædal-Henden

Manager of the enterprise digital research services group at UiT. Deputy manager of the operations organization in NRIS.

Ilia Zhakun

Change Manager in the NRIS collaboration. Works with the infrastructure and hardware as well.

Magnar Bjørgve

New member to the team, currently wrapping up his PhD in quantum chemistry. Magnar has a background in applied mathematics.

Bente Barge

Part-time member of the team. Bente is currently a PhD student in computational chemistry and has experience with various chemistry software on the HPC clusters. Her interests include research software engineering, web development and cats.