Meet the HPC group

Radovan Bast

Leads the CodeRefinery project and the high-performance computing and research software engineering groups. Specializes in software development, teaching, and improving usability of HPC services.

Magnar Bjørgve

Magnar has a background in Applied Mathematics and is working within the GPU team at NRIS, focusing on accelerating software for both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. He is also contributing to the Norwegian AI Cloud in both storage solutions and training.

Jørn Dietze

Jørn Dietze is almost finished with a PhD in bioinformatics. He is working with high-performance computing systems and has experience with programming in Python, Julia, and a little bit of C. He is mainly busy with making the systems more usuable as part of NRIS at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and the LUMI User Support Team.

Dan Jonsson

Member of the Software Installation Team at NRIS. Trying to provide a scientific software stack that offer both performance and reproducibility.

Espen Tangen

Øystein Tveito

Team leader for the SMS-team and problem manager for NRIS. He has experience in programming, IoT, 3D printing, AI, and machine learning.

Steinar Trædal-Henden

Manager of the enterprise digital research services group at UiT. Deputy manager of the operations organization in NRIS.

Erik Heggeli

Part of the GPU team and NAIC (Norwegian AI Cloud). Background in Computer Science.

Gregor Decristoforo

Gregor is part of the Research software engineering (RSE) group at UiT and the LUMI User Support Team. During his PhD and Postdoc in Computational Physics Gregor gained experience in parallel programming and research software engineering.

Gabriel Gerez

Gabriel is almost finished with his PhD in Theoretical chemistry. He is currently part of the Software team providing support with installation and use of scientific software in the clusters. He is part of the Research software engineering (RSE) group at UiT where he helps researchers with issues such as code design and scalability of software to HPC. Gabriel is experienced in developing code in C++ and Python.

Former team members

Bente Barge

Ilia Zhakun